Mr.Muhammad Ikhlaq

Chairman And Chief executive

After graduation from the University of Karachi Mr. lkhlaq started his own business in 1978 and founded his firm by the name of "Ajmairy Garments" in Karachi. By virtue of his hard work, vision and forward looking policies, the firm rapidly grew over the period to the today's empire of "The Ajmairy Group". As he believes in innovation he undoubtedly became the pioneer in introducing the most modern foreign brands and designs of readymade garments in the local market. For this purpose he made repeated foreign trips about two decades ago to European and far eastern countries to study the International markets.

As a result of Mr. lkhlaq's commitment, dedication and innovative ideas, today The Ajmairy's by the grace of God is recognized as a leader in garments sector of the country and has set standards in fashion and designs of children wear of all grades and sizes.

Mr.Ikhlaq is a well known business man of high repute. He is a pattern in chief and founder of the regional Association of readymade garments and also a former member of the Executive Board of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and industry. Besides meetings his businesses obligations Mr. lkhlaq actively participate in social activates and is a member of various business clubs & associations and also generously contribute to many poor and charitable organizations.

Mr. Hammad Ikhlaq

Managing Director

A bright young man who after graduation from University of the Punjab attended various management and marketing courses at University of Newcastle N.S.W Australia. With his educational background and experience, he took keen interest in management of the group and was quickly able to control and administers the affair of the group. He provided valuable advice to improve the working and performance in different departments of the organization. Mr. Hammad lkhlaq extensively traveled to Europe, Middle East and far-eastern countries in connection with his business and to study the working of eminent business groups abroad.

Mr. Naveed-ul-Haq Sheikh

Director Procurement And Designs

Highly experienced young man with pleasing personality having lot of initiative and in depth knowledge of all kinds of designs right from manufacturing to finishing process. He is a frequent visitor to far-eastern markets and remains constantly in touch with local and the foreign manufacturers & designers to study the latest trends and fashions so as to procure the stuff to meet the exact requirement and taste of our valued customers.

Mr. Fahad Ikhlaq

Director Marketing And Research

A cool minded but a quick decision maker joined the marketing team of "Ajmairy group" as manager marketing about 10 years ago. With his hard work and visionary skill Mr. Fahad lkhlaq quickly learnt the difficult art of marketing He attended various marketing and management courses in and out of the country and proved himself as an efficient & capable executive. His valued ideas and input was reflected in rapid growth & increase in turnover of the group.

Mr. Zain-ul-abdin

Director Administration and HR

With the expansion and increase in activities of the group, naturally there was a pressing requirement for a good system of administration in its various departments. Hence Mr. Zain-ul-abdin who was already actively involved in the affairs of the groups in different capacities and displayed his skill and capability by introducing good management systems. was elevated to the position of Director Administration and HR. He efficiently proved his managerial skill and with his strong sense of responsibility the group's administration department is well organized.

He repeated traveled to Europe to study the systems of various major enterprises and the group has certainly benefited from his research and experience over there.

Supporting Team

Director Administration and HR

The Board of management is supported by about 200 professionals and experienced staff of different categories. With their close coordination, understanding and mutual cooperation these young people make "The family of Ajmairy "whose devotion and commitment is reflected as shining star in continuous growth of the "The Group".